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 ==== History and Discovery of RTLSDR ==== ==== History and Discovery of RTLSDR ====
 +It turns out that Antti Palosaari is perhaps not entirely responsible alone in [[http://​​geek-life/​hands-on/​a-40-softwaredefined-radio|getting credit]] for the discovery of Realtek 2832U tuners being used for SDR.  The RTL2382U parts were always **intended** by design for SDR as the dongles come with closed SDR software in Windows for DAB+ and FM reception on the mini CD.  I think the credit for uncovering of what the Windows software does lies with a fellow named [[http://​​|Eric Fry]] originally sniffing the USB packets from the Windows application in FM and DAB mode way back in **March of 2010**. ​ He had hoped to get a DAB+ or FM receiver working in Linux (he had originally been providing unofficial support for Linux and this [[http://​​product_pages/​Quad.html|Quad Realtek]] DVB tuner). ​ Eric and I discussed this privately at length and I made some [[http://​​​30346|reflections]] about [[http://​​​40927| this]] SDR feature in 2011 on the linux-tv mailing lists and discussed SDR potential on the associated #linux-tv IRC channel. ​ Realtek had sent me some alpha FM SDR software for Linux with a promise of DAB+ to come.  Antti'​s infamous [[http://​​​44461|email]] followed in early 2012.  Very quickly the Realtek RTL2382U Linux driver and and some independent work by [[http://​​trac/​wiki/​rtl-sdr|Osmocom]] (who were making their own E4000 based SDR) collided and in RTL-SDR as we know it exploded onto the scene.  ​
-[[Redacted]]+So, the original '​discovery'​ lies with Eric.  Much of the work getting the RTL2382U and it's associated tuners tamed in between then and now lies with Antti and Osmocom. 
 +Here are some USB data dumps Eric took of his RTL dongle tuned to the FM band in April 2010. 
 +{{:​test2.png?​200}} {{:​test3.png?​200}} {{:​test4.png?​200}}
-At least there is now a native [[http://​​index.html|DAB+ SDR]] for Linux. 
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