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Linux Software

Options for free software in Linux are:

Have a look here for a good summary of Linux utilities.

Getting SDR# Running in Linux

As of 14 September 2015 SDR# (along with AstroSpy and SpectrumSpy) and works again in Linux on x86/x64 and ARM using Mono! This has been tested on Linux Mint 18 x64 and an Odroid XU4.

The fact that SDR# worked in Mono at all was a happy accident. The author did not intend this and is not obligated to keep the code backwards-compatible with Mono. Any performance issues with SDR# in Mono are a problem with Mono NOT SDR# - do not complain about SDR# on Linux until Mono gets much better at executing .net code.

There are 2 ways to do this, you can use the PlayOnLinux way shown in Français ici and English here or the Mono way detailed below.

Instructions (updated 16 Jul 2016)


Have a look here for some words on using rtl_tcp and SDR#.